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End of US highway 190

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Additional research and/or photo credits: James Allen; David Backlin; Andy Field; Adam Froehlig; Karin and Martin Karner; Alex Nitzman; Stephen Taylor; "Urban Prairie Schooner"

Approx. time period East terminus West terminus
1926-1930 Slidell, LA Baton Rouge, LA
1930-1935 near Slidell, LA (hwy. 433) Baton Rouge, LA
1935-1940 near Slidell, LA (hwy. 433) Brady, TX
1940-1979 near Slidell, LA (current) Brady, TX
1979-present near Slidell, LA (current) (near Iraan, TX)

US 190 has been around since the beginning of the US highway system (1926), and its east end has always been at its junction with US 90 near Slidell LA. Initially, however, US 90 followed what is now US 11 right through Slidell. So at the time, US 190 came into town via Gause Boulevard and ended at Front Street. The photo below is looking north on Front:

Nitzman, Nov. 1999

During the late 1920s that was eastbound US 90, and to the left on Gause was the east beginning of US 190. It was about 1930 when US 90 was changed to follow its current routing south and east of Slidell. At that time, the US 11 designation was extended south and west into Slidell along former US 90. In town, US 190 joined with it, and the two were duplexed down today's LA hwy. 433. US 190 ended at its junction with US 90...

Karner, Jun. 2013

...while US 11 was duplexed with US 90 into New Orleans. The shot below is looking west on US 90:

Karner, Jun. 2013

During the 1930s, US 190 began to the right. That was also northbound US 11, while southbound was straight ahead (with westbound US 90). US 190's current east terminus was established in the 1940s. The photo below shows the east end:

Nitzman, Nov. 1999

There was no "End" sign there - just the two signs for each direction on US 90. (And even that sign is gone now - as are some of the others shown on this page - presumably victims of Hurricane Katrina.) It wasn't until late 2009 that some kind of directional signage was posted for the benefit of drivers on US 190...

Karners, Dec. 2009

...underinformative as it is, at least it's a bit of an improvement. The shot below was heading east on US 90, at the east beginning of US 190:

Field/Nitzman, June 2001

That assembly is no longer with us, but a couple years after Katrina it was replaced...

Nitzman, Dec. 2007

...and later even "upgraded":

Backlin, Mar. 2009

A similar setup is posted for traffic on westbound US 90:

Left: Nitzman, Dec. 2007 - Right: Karner, Jun. 2013

If you take that right, you would've seen the signage shown in the photo below:

Nitzman, 1999

That was the first assembly heading west from US 90; Slidell is about 5 miles that direction. When Katrina hit in 2005, that sign disappeared, and instead it was a storm-tossed RV that dominated that perspective. The sign wasn't replaced until 2008 or 2009, and the RV was still there at the time of the photo below...

Backlin, Mar. 2009

...but it had finally been cleaned up by the end of that year.

In 1926 the west end of US 190 was in Baton Rouge; you can view photos from there on this page.

In 1935 the US 190 designation was extended west to Brady TX; the map below is from that timeframe:

TXDoT, 1940

US highway designations have changed a lot in this part of Texas. You can see US 190 coming into town from the right via White Street (today it uses Boy Street). So it could've ended on White at Bridge Street (which carried US 283 at the time). However, I think it's more likely that US 190 would've been co-signed with US 283 to its junction with US 87/US 183 at the courthouse square...

me, Aug. 2013; click here to view full-res version

...although neither 183 nor 283 are routed through here anymore. The shot below is looking west on Main Street:

me, Aug. 2013; click here to view full-res version

The roads surrounding the courthouse function as a large rotary; to the right on Bridge would've been the west beginning of US 190.

In 1979 the end of US 190 was extended further west from Brady, to its current terminus: a remote interchange near Iraan TX - you can view photos from there on this page.