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End of US highway 95

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Photo credits: Andy Field; Karin and Martin Karner; Stephen Taylor; my parents

Approx. time period North terminus South terminus
1926-1938 Eastport, ID Weiser and/or Fruitland, ID
1938-1961 Eastport, ID Blythe, CA
1961-present Eastport, ID San Luis, AZ

The north end of US 95 has been at the Canada border in Eastport ID since the beginning, in 1926. In 2000, there was no "End" sign. As a matter of fact, Steven reports that there wasn't even a town - Eastport is simply a port of entry situated in the Moyie River Valley. The photo above shows the north end of US 95 (the name of the British Columbian border crossing is Kingsgate):

Taylor, 2000

The sign at left says "Return to USA" and points left; if you go that way, you see one of the first southbound US 95 signs:

Taylor, 2000

The south end of US 95 was originally in Weiser ID. Over the next few years it may have been extended down to Fruitland; photos from both places can be viewed on my US 630 page.

In 1938, US 95 was extended hundreds of miles south of Idaho, to end at the junction with US 60/US 70 in Blythe CA. The photo below is looking north, about an eighth-mile north of the I-10 interchange:

Field, Nov. 2000

Hobson Way is the crossroad, which used to be US 60/70. So for about 20 years the south beginning of US 95 was straight ahead.

In 1961 the US 95 designation was extended to the Mexico border. Heading south from Yuma AZ, US 95 is routed through San Luis along Main Street. Just before reaching the international boundary, traffic is routed east for one block on Urtuzuastegui Street, then south again on First Street (going forward I'll refer to that as "Urt" Street... it used to be called "A" Street, but it was recently re-named to a practically unpronouncable word). The shot below is looking south on First (just south of Urt), where the road curves to the east again, towards the border crossing:

my parents, Jan. 2000

The sign assembly behind the "End" sign is the same one shown in the photo below:

my parents, Jan. 2000

This is heading north out of Mexico. Trucks are directed north on First for one block to "B" Street, then west to Main, but cars follow the mainline routing, which is west (left) for a block on Urt and then north again on Main. After making that turn onto Main, the first northbound sign is visible:

Karners, Dec. 2011