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End of US highway 90

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Photo credits: James Allen; Cullan Bryant; Karin and Martin Karner; me

Approx. time period East terminus West terminus
1926-1939 Jacksonville, FL Van Horn, TX
1939-1940 Jacksonville, FL (near Pine Springs, TX)
1940-1950 Jacksonville, FL Van Horn, TX
1950-present Jacksonville Beach, FL Van Horn, TX

US 90 was among the original 1926 routes; at the time its east end was in Jacksonville FL. You can view photos from there on this page.

The west end of US 90 has always been at Van Horn TX (except for a one-year extension in 1939). You can view photos and get more info on this page.

In 1950 the east end of US 90 was extended to its current terminus at Jacksonville Beach FL. The photo below shows the signage for the east beginning of US 90 from southbound FL A1A...

Karners, Dec. 2009

...and this next photo was taken from the opposite direction:

Allen, 2000

Those are from Third Street, at Beach Boulevard. If you're approaching this intersection from the right on Beach (which is not a designated highway), there are signs for A1A but not for US 90 (which begins straight ahead):

me, Oct. 2003

However, the first confirming marker is just visible in the distance; it's shown close-up below:

me, Oct. 2003

Heading the opposite direction, the last eastbound marker is on Beach, several blocks before the terminus:

Bryant, Dec. 2005 (unchanged as of 2009)

Ahead, there was no "End" sign for US 90, but the photo below shows what signage does exist at its terminus at Third:

Allen, 2000

If you go straight ahead there about two more blocks, you can park, climb some stairs to a boardwalk that goes over some small dunes, and you're at the Atlantic Ocean:

me, Oct. 2003

me, Oct. 2003

Interesting thing about US 90: there's a Sanderson FL about 50 miles from its east terminus, and a Sanderson TX about 185 miles from its west terminus. Photos from Sanderson TX are on my US 285 page, and photos from Sanderson FL are on this page.