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End of US highway 183

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Additional research and/or photo credits: Nathan Edgars; Karin and Martin Karner; Mike Wiley; me

Approx. time period North terminus South terminus
1930-1932 North Platte, NE Dresden, KS
1932-1938 (near Vivian, SD) Dresden, KS
1938-1940 (near Vivian, SD) (near Selden, KS)
1940-1952 (near Vivian, SD) Junction, TX
1952-1970(?) (near Vivian, SD) Refugio, TX
1970(?)-1980s Presho, SD (US 16) Refugio, TX
1980s-present Presho, SD (I-90) Refugio, TX

When it was first commissioned in 1930, the north end of US 183 was in North Platte NE. The photo below is looking north on Jeffers Street (US 83); the upcoming light is at 4th Street:

me, June 2001

At the time of that photo, westbound US 30 came in on 4th, turned straight ahead on Jeffers, and was co-signed with US 83 for eight blocks. At 12th Street, US 30 broke off again to the west (today US 30 stays on 12th all through the north part of the city). But back in 1930, US 83 didn't run through North Platte. Instead it was US 183 that came up this way from Kansas. The designation ended at US 30, at the intersection shown above. The shot below shows the same place, viewed from westbound US 30:

me, June 2001

That's looking west on 4th. US 30 has always turned north here. But - whereas today US 83 goes both ways - in 1930 it was the north beginning of US 183 to the left.

The original south end of US 183 was in Dresden KS. The route followed what is now US 83 south from Oberlin, then east on CR 340, then south on CR 491, ending in Dresden at what is now KS hwy. 383 (but was formerly US 383, and before that, US 83). The photo below shows the grain elevators there:

Google Maps Street View, July 2008

On the right is northeastbound K-383. During the '30s that was north on US 83; to the left on CR 491 (or Kings Avenue locally) was the south beginning of US 183. (Incidentally, if you go the opposite direction [south] at this intersection today, you are on the north beginning of K-123.)

In 1938, US 183 was changed to continue due south out of Oberlin, ending at US 83 near Selden (about 7 miles southwest of Dresden). The photo below is looking south on today's US 83:

me, Nov. 2001

That used to be the south end of US 183. At the time, the crossroad was designated US 83: both right (towards Colby) and left (towards Norton). The shot below is looking northeast on US 83. Today that designation turns due north here, and K-383 begins straight ahead...

me, Nov. 2001

...but in 1930, US 83 continued straight ahead, and US 183 began to the left. Below is one more perspective on this junction. It was taken from K-383, but it captures the signage for northbound K-23 traffic (left) and for southwestbound K-383 (right):

me, Nov. 2001

The road in the foreground was US 83, and the road in the background was the southernmost segment of US 183.

In 1932, the north end of US 183 was extended (via what is now US 83) to its junction with US 83 (which followed today's US 183) at Vivian SD. By the time I was there, unfortunately there wasn't much left worth photographing. This is looking south on US 83:

me, Mar. 2004

The junction with I-90 is just ahead (exit 212), and the town of Vivian is about a mile to the left via the crossroad in this photo, which is old US 16. US 83 used to be co-signed with it left from here (east) to Presho, and then south again towards Winner. So the north beginning of US 183 was to the right - it followed US 16 to Murdo, then went south on its own.

In about 1944, the routing of US 83 and 183 were essentially swapped in South Dakota. After that happened, this junction still marked the north end of US 183 - but then it went left to Presho, while US 83 went right to Murdo.

US 183 was extended to Junction TX in 1940; you can view photos from there on this page.

In 1952 US 183 was extended still further, to its current southern terminus in Refugio TX. Here is the last southbound trailblazer:

Karners, Jan. 2015

Alternate US 77 is co-signed with US 183 for all but its northernmost 35 miles. Both designations end about a half-mile ahead, but no "End" sign is posted; only your options at the upcoming intersection:

Karners, Jan. 2015

The control cites on the sign ahead are Corpus Christi and Victoria. Just beyond there, the road curves left to a T-junction with US 77. The photo below is looking north on US 77:

Wiley, Sep. 2000

US 183 begins to the left, as does Alt. 77. The shots below are closeups of the sign assembly:

left: Wiley, Sep. 2000 -- right: Karners, Jan. 2015

Note the hurricane evacuation route sign; signage from southbound US 77 is similar. If you take that left turn, you'll soon see the first northbound confirming assembly:

Karners, Jan. 2015

The sign in the distance gives mileage to Goliad, as well as Beeville (the turnoff for which is about a mile ahead).

At some point (probably around 1970, after I-90 was built), the multiplex between Vivian and Presho was deemed unnecessary, and the US 183 designation was truncated to Presho. You can view photos and get more info on this page.