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End of US highway 89

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Photo credits: Michael Stewart; Michael Summa; my parents

Approx. time period North terminus South terminus
1926-1934 Spanish Fork, UT Nogales, AZ
1934-1992 Piegan, MT Nogales, AZ
1992-present Piegan, MT Flagstaff, AZ

US 89 was one of the original 1926 routes; its original north end was in Spanish Fork UT. Michael Stewart theorizes that this terminus would've occured on 300 South Street at Main Street; the following photo is looking south on Main:

Stewart, June 2004

Loafer Mountain dominates the horizon in that direction. In 1926, this was likely southbound US 91 and eastbound US 50. US 50 would've continued to the left, and US 89 would've begun there, co-signed with it. Below we're looking west on 300 South:

Stewart, June 2004

That would've been westbound US 50 (which continued to the right with US 91) and northbound US 89 (which ended here).

At that time, the south end of US 89 was at the Mexico border in Nogales AZ:

Summa, 1989

Of course I-19 was around by the time of that photo, but Arizona hadn't yet decommissioned US 89 through here. As of 2007, there is no longer any reference to US 89 - the shot below shows the first signage heading north from Mexico:

my parents, 2007

Below is the signage that was at the south end of the route...

Summa, 1989

...and here's a more recent shot of the border crossing where US 89 actually ended:

my parents, 2007

In 1934 the north end was extended to its present terminus on the Canada border in Montana, at a port of entry called Piegan. You can view photos from there on this page.

In 1992 US 89 was decommissioned through much of Arizona; since then the south end has been at Flagstaff (you can view photos from there on this page). Technically - since there are no US routes through Yellowstone National Park - US 89 consists of two separate segments. You can click on the following links to view photos from its interruption points at North Yellowstone and at South Yellowstone.