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End of US highway 167

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Photo credits: Robert Brooks; H.B. Elkins; Steven Nelson; Alex Nitzman
Additional research: Jeremy Lance; "Urban Prairie Schooner"

Approx. time period North terminus South terminus
1926-1931 Little Rock, AR (near Colfax, LA)
1931-1949 Little Rock, AR Alexandria, LA
1949-1961 Little Rock, AR Abbeville, LA
1961-2000 Hardy, AR Abbeville, LA
2000-present Ash Flat, AR Abbeville, LA

US 167 was an original 1926 route - at the time it was routed south of Winnfield on today's LA hwys 34 and 471, and it ended at US 71 outside Colfax:

Nelson, Feb. 2006

The photo below was taken from northbound US 71:

Nelson, Feb. 2006

The south beginning of US 167 was to the right.

In 1931, US 167 traffic was rerouted south of Winnfield LA, such that it followed its current corridor to its junction with US 71, just north of Alexandria. This junction was significantly altered when the interchange at the north end of the Pineville Expressway was built, and the actual intersection no longer exists. But US 71 originally followed what is now LA hwy. 3225 northward out of Alexandria, and where that junctions US 167 is roughly the same spot where US 167 used to begin. The photo below was taken looking north on US 167, just north of where it splits from modern US 71:

Nitzman, Oct. 2003

Originally US 71 more-or-less followed today's LA 3225, and straight ahead was once the south beginning of US 167.

In 1949 the south end of US 167 was extended to its current terminus in Abbeville LA, at its intersection with LA hwy. 14. It's rather unusual for a US route to end at a state route, and even more so today, now that it's been changed to Business Loop 14. There was no "End" sign there:

Google Maps Street View, 2009

The photo below was taken looking east on Business 14, at the left turn northbound onto the beginning of US 167:

Nitzman, 1999

Originally the northern terminus of US 167 was in Little Rock AR. The 1932 map below indicates it junctioned with US 65 at the intersection of 21st and Broadway:

My guess is the two routes would've been co-signed up to Capitol Avenue, in order for US 167 to connect with its implied "parent" route (US 67). The photo below is looking west on Capitol...

Google Maps Street View, 2008

...and you can just barely see the State Capitol straight ahead, way off on the horizon. That direction was once westbound US 70/southbound US 67, while eastbound US 70 and northbound US 67/65 was to the right on Broadway. To the left on Broadway was southbound US 65, and it was probably also the north beginning of US 167.

By sometime in the 1950s, US 65, 67, and 70 had all been rerouted along 25th Street (aka Roosevelt Road). US 167 came from the south on Arch Street, and could've ended at Roosevelt, but I bet it continued one block east, so that it could junction US 65 at Broadway:

Google Maps Street View, 2008

That's looking east on Roosevelt - today that's Business US 70, which continues to the left on Broadway. That movement used to be mainline US 70 (as well as US 67). Northbound US 65 came towards the camera and then continued north on Broadway, so I think this is where US 167 would've ended. And as far as I know, this was its endpoint until 1961.

That year, the US 167 designation was extended northeast out of Little Rock with US 67 to Bald Knob, then north to US 63 at Hardy. The photo below shows the spot:

Brooks, Dec. 2004

That was taken from eastbound US 62/412, which continue to the right ahead with southbound US 63 (northbound is to the left). Before there was such a thing as US 412, US 167 used to be co-signed with US 62 to this junction.

It was probably during the 1990s that the north end of US 167 was truncated to Ash Flat (that's when US 412 was extended through Arkansas, and my theory is the DoT didn't want to triple-sign the segment between Hardy and Ash Flat, so they simply replaced the 167 signs along that stretch with 412 signs). The photo below is looking eastbound on US 62/412:

Brooks, Dec. 2004

The north beginning of US 167 is to the right. If you were to take that turn, you'd see the first southbound marker:

Brooks, Dec. 2004

The photo below is looking the opposite direction, at the north end of US 167:

Brooks, Dec. 2004

This intersection is about a half-mile north of downtown; the sign assembly is shown close-up below:

Elkins, 2001

Straight ahead is north via eastbound US 62/US 412, but US 167 used to extend that direction for another 9 miles or so, to Hardy.