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End of US highway 150

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Additional research and/or photo credits: Nathan Edgars; Karin and Martin Karner; Jeff Morrison; Robert Richardson; me

Approx. time period East terminus West terminus
1926-1930 New Albany, IN (near Shoals, IN)
1930-1934 New Albany, IN Shoals, IN
1934-1976 Mount Vernon, KY Rock Island, IL
1976-present Mount Vernon, KY Moline, IL

US 150 has been around since the beginning, but in 1926 it was quite short. Its east end was in New Albany IN. At the time, US 31W traffic from Louisville KY crossed the Ohio River via the Kentucky & Indiana Terminal Bridge, and ended up on Vincennes Street in New Albany. The photograph below was taken from that perspective:

Richardson, Dec. 1945 (in the Digital Collection of the Denver Public Library)

By the time of that photo, the US 150 designation had been extended across the bridge and into Kentucky, so the driver was already on both routes. This intersection is where they split, with US 150 turning left on Main Street, and US 31W continuing straight ahead. But until 1934, the east beginning of US 150 was to the left. Below is a close-up of the sign assembly:


The original beginning of US 150 was to the left on Main. About a mile in that direction, traffic was directed to the north on State Street, and after another six miles, that joins with the current alignment of US 150.

From New Albany, US 150 ran only about 60 miles to the northwest. According to a 1929 map, US 150 turned west on what is now IN hwy. 550 at Lacy (a couple miles south of Shoals). At the time, westbound US 50 did not cross the White River at Shoals, like it does today. Instead, it stayed on the south bank, following Spout Spring Road / CR 63. Where that meets today's IN 550...

me, July 2007

...US 50 turned west (right) to Loogootee, and to the east (left) was the original beginning of US 150. Below we're looking east on IN 550:

me, July 2007

That was originally eastbound US 50, which continued to the left on Spout Spring. Straight ahead was the west beginning of US 150. One more shot - this is looking the opposite direction (west on IN 550):

me, July 2007

US 150 originally ended here. Straight ahead was westbound US 50, and eastbound was to the right. But in 1930, the White River was bridged by US 50 in Shoals. So for the next year or two, US 150 was extended to the right, along Spout Spring/former US 50. It would've come into Shoals either on Water Street or Main Street, ending at 4th Street (which carried the "new" US 50). But that only lasted for a year or two; the 1932 map already shows that the "new" US 150 had been built between Lacy and Shoals. So then the west terminus of US 150 moved a few blocks east, to the current junction:

Google Maps Street View, Sep. 2012

That's looking west on US 50, which continues ahead. For a couple years, the west beginning of US 150 was to the left. But in 1934, the US 150 designation was extended ahead with US 50. The routes diverged at Vincennes, and US 150's west terminus was extended to Rock Island IL (you can view photos from there on this page).

Also in 1934, US 150 was extended eastward to its current terminus in Mount Vernon KY; you can view photos from there on this page.

In 1976 the westernmost few miles of US 150 were truncated, such that the designation now ends where it meets US 6 on the outskirts of the Quad Cities, rather than serving the central business districts. The photo below was taken looking eastbound on US 6, at the west beginning of US 150:

Morrison, Apr. 2006

Similar signage is visible in the background of the shot below, which is looking the opposite direction (west on US 6):

me, June 2001

Despite the sign, this highway junction is actually within Moline city limits, but it's another 5 miles or so to downtown. If instead you take that left turn, the first eastbound confirming marker looks like this:

Morrison, Apr. 2006

Downtown Coal Valley is about 2 miles ahead. Heading the opposite direction, the last westbound US 150 marker looks like this:

Karners, Aug. 2010

Less than a mile ahead, you encounter the assembly shown below:

Karners, Aug. 2010

That was posted no later than 2006; here's the "End" sign that was present prior to that:

me, June 2001

The stoplight in the distance is US 6; the signage up closer to that intersection is shown in the photo below...

me, June 2001

...although that's also been replaced. Personlly, I think it would be appropriate to co-sign US 150 with US 6 to the left, to the freeway interchange (it's only about a mile to the west). But from eastbound I-280, this is currently the only mention of the route:

me, Aug. 2005

The green signs in the distance are at exit 18, serving I-74 and US 6.