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End of US highway 58

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Additional research and/or photo credits: H.B. Elkins; Alex Nitzman; Mike Roberson; Michael Summa; me

Approx. time period North terminus South terminus
1932-1934 Virginia Beach, VA (17th) Hillsville, VA
1934-1956 Virginia Beach, VA (17th) Cumberland Gap, VA
1956-1980s Virginia Beach, VA (Laskin) Cumberland Gap, VA
1980s-1996 Virginia Beach, VA (Laskin) Cumberland Gap, TN (east)
1996-present Virginia Beach, VA (Laskin) Cumberland Gap, TN (south)

The west end of US 58 was originally at US 221 in Hillsville VA (US 52 hadn't yet been extended that far south). The photo below was taken looking east on US 58/north on US 221:

Summa, 1996

Originally US 58 probably began straight ahead at this junction (US 58 and US 221 go their separate ways about a quarter-mile ahead). Two years later US 58 was extended west to its intersection with US 25E in the far western point of Virginia, just across the statelines from the towns of Cumberland Gap TN and Middlesboro KY. This junction no longer exists, but you can view maps, see photos, and get more information on this page.

In the mid- to late-1980s, the westernmost segment of US 58 was redirected to the south of its original alignment, such that its junction with US 25E (and its west end) was no longer in Virginia, but in Tennessee. H.B. writes:

"US 58 was realigned south into Tennessee long before the tunnel opened for US 25E. If you were heading south from Kentucky and Virginia into Tennessee, US 25E went from two to four lanes at the VA/TN state line and made a sweeping right-hand turn. In that curve, the realigned US 58 came to a "T" intersection with 25E. Then 25E made a left-hand turn in the area where the trumpet interchange and the current end of US 58 is today. Today, the last several hundred feet of four-lane US 58 is on what was originally US 25E."

H.B. has several photos from the area on this page. Since the Cumberland Gap Tunnel opened in 1996, US 25E no longer goes through Virginia at all. So US 58 had to be extended south just a bit further, essentially along the path of former US 25E. US 58 now ends at a trumpet interchange with US 25E just east of the tunnel, and just south of Cumberland Gap TN. The photo below shows the signage at the current west end of US 58:

me, July 2007

The shot below is of the western beginning of US 58, from northbound US 25E:

me, July 2007

If you take that exit, you'll very quickly encounter the first eastbound confirming assembly:

me, July 2007

The green sign in the distance is shown close-up below:

Elkins, Aug. 2003

That's looking east on what is now US 58 - its current west end is less than a mile behind the camera. But during the 1980s and 1990s, this was still northbound US 25E. Right about by this left turn for Cumberland Gap TN, US 25E made a left-hand curve toward the Virginia state line. The road heading off into the distance was the west beginning of US 58, but you had to make a right-hand turn off US 25E to get there. Even after the Cumberland Gap Tunnel opened, for a time US 58 traffic heading west still had to stop at this junction with the four-lane (old US 25E) and make a left turn, while the four-lane continued north into the park. But later this intersection was completely realigned to the current configuration, with US 58 as the through route.

The east end of US 58 has always been in Virginia Beach... but we'll start with a little history about its predecessors. Originally (that is, in 1927) it was US 117 that ran east from Norfolk to VA Beach. Traffic was directed to the oceanfront via 17th Street (or Virginia Beach Boulevard), ending at Atlantic Avenue (which at the time was VA hwy. 501). By 1929, US 60 was extended from Newport News across Hampton Roads, and it duplexed with US 117 to a common endpoint at Atlantic. Within about another year, US 60 was rerouted to follow what had been VA 501. It still shared a common endpoint with US 117, but now it approached that intersection from the north via Atlantic. In 1932 US 58 absorbed what had been US 117, so it too ended on 17th at Atlantic (US 60):

Nitzman, 2001

That was the east end of US 117 from 1927-1932, and the east end of US 60 from 1929-1930. Then from 1930-1931, The east beginning of US 60 was to the left (north on Atlantic). And then from 1932-1956, this was the east end of US 58. After that time, mainline US 58 was rerouted along Laskin Road (more below), so this became the east end of Business 58. The shot below is looking south on Atlantic at 17th:

Google Maps Street View, 2008

For a brief time, that was the east end of US 60. To the right (also briefly) was the east beginning of US 117 and US 60, and later (for a more significant time period) the east beginning of US 58. Today Business 58 begins to the right. Westbound US 60 is also that direction, while straight ahead is eastbound US 60. But unfortunately all three routes (US 60, mainline US 58, and Business US 58) are very poorly-signed in this part of town. In fact, signage is almost identical at the beginning of mainline US 58:

Google Maps Street View, 2008

That's looking south on Pacific Avenue (or east on US 60). US 58 begins to the right on Laskin, but there's no reference to that here. If you do make that turn, the first westbound US 58 sign is a few blocks to the west:

Nitzman, 2001

Heading the opposite direction (east on Laskin), there's no "End US 58" assembly at Pacific, nor any reference to the fact that you're junctioning US 60, but here's where US 58 ends:

Google Maps Street View, 2008

Historically, US 58 continued one more block ahead to Atlantic (which formerly carried US 60, and later Business US 60):

Nitzman, 2001

There, the Atlantic Ocean is just visible in the background. It was 1958 when US 60 was changed to follow Pacific north of 17th (instead of Atlantic). Route logs from just two years later (1960) already specified that US 58's endpoint was at Pacific. So it's possible that US 58 technically ended here at Atlantic for only two years (1956-1958). However, it's logical that US 58 would've continued to be signed from Atlantic (since that was Business 60 for a time). And Mike reports that there were indeed signs indicating US 58 continued to Atlantic as late as 1991!