End of US highway 55

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Photo credits: Monte Castleman; Jeff Morrison
Additional research: Monte Castleman; Jason Hancock; Jeff Morrison

Approx. time period North terminus South terminus
1926-1932 Minneapolis, MN Dubuque, IA
1932-1934 Minneapolis, MN Davenport, IA

The north end of US 55 was in Minneapolis; you can view a photo from that intersection on this page.

When US 55 was originally commissioned in 1926, its south end was in Dubuque IA. The photo below was taken looking south on Jackson Street at 20th Street:

Morrison, Aug. 2007

That shows the perspective of a driver on southbound US 55. The car in the foreground is on what was once northbound US 61, which continued to the left (20th becomes Rhomberg Avenue, which aligned with the now-dismantled Eagle Point Bridge). Did US 55 end here? It could've, but it seems more likely that it would've been multiplexed with US 61 to its junction with US 20. If so, then US 55 would've continued straight ahead with US 61 on Jackson, then west on 14th Street/Loras Boulevard, ending at Locust Street:

Morrison, Aug. 2007

That was southbound US 61, which continued to the left with eastbound US 20. Westbound US 20 was ahead on Loras, and this would've been a logical place for US 55 to end.

In 1932 the designation was extended further south, to Davenport (you can view an old map scan showing this on my US 150 page). The photo below is looking west on 4th at Perry:

Castleman, Aug. 2004

According to the map, westbound US 6 came in from the left on Perry and continued straight ahead on 4th. Southbound US 55 appears to have come down to this point and ended at its junction with US 6. Two years later the US 55 designation was retired: signage along its route was replaced by extensions of US 67 and US 52.