End of US highway 240

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Photo credits: Robert Mortell; Alex Nitzman

Approx. time period North terminus South terminus
1926-1938 Frederick, MD Washington, DC
1938-1945 Frederick, MD Arlington, VA
1945-1971 Frederick, MD Washington, DC

The US 240 designation had a sketchy early history in Pennsylvania - it may have been assigned as far north as Harrisburg, but it was probably never signposted anywhere in that state. Ignoring that footnote, the route basically served the Frederick-DC corridor until it was decommissioned in 1971. The photo below was taken in Frederick, looking west on Patrick Street, or MD hwy. 144:

Mortell, Aug. 2007

MD 144 is the original route of US 40. To the left on Market Street was the north beginning of US 240. As far as I can tell, US 240 followed what is now MD 355 into the District, entering on Wisconsin Avenue, then turning onto Massachusetts Avenue. But from there the D.C. routing apparently changed over the years: originally it may have been signed to its junction with US 1 in Arlington. My 1947 atlas shows US 240 turning south on Connecticut Avenue. At "K" Street, Connecticut becomes 17th Street, and US 240 proceeded down to "E" Street, where it turned east. The atlas seems to indicate that US 240 ended at 14th Street, which carried US 1:

EveryScape, 2008

That's looking east on "E" (or at least as close as you can come today - I think this area was reconfigured). US 240 ended at the intersection ahead (14th). The photo below is looking north on 14th:

EveryScape, 2008

US 240 began to the left on "E". By the time of my 1959 atlas, the map is quite different: it shows US 240 didn't even make it as far east as DuPont Circle and Connecticut Av. Instead, it turned south off Mass. Av. via 22nd/23rd Streets, and ended at the Lincoln Memorial, where it met US 50. The photo below is looking southwest at the Memorial:

Smithsonian, 1995

At the time, US 50 came across the bridge at upper right and continued off the left edge of the photo via Independence Avenue. US 240 came from the north on 23rd, junctioned with US 50 in the circle, and ended there:

EveryScape, 2008

The photo below is looking east, just after crossing the Arlington Memorial Bridge:

EveryScape, 2008

US 50 continued to the right, while to the left would've been the south beginning of US 240.

According to AASHTO's 1969 route log, US 240 was back to using Connecticut and 17th; but this time the designation continued past "E", ending instead on 17th at Constitution Avenue, or US 50:

EveryScape, 2008

The Washington Monument is visible at far left, and it's also visible in the photo below, which is looking east on Constitution:

EveryScape, 2008

To the left on 17th was a former south beginning of US 240. That route was decommissioned in 1971.