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End of US highway 140

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Photo credits: J.P. Nasiatka; Alex Nitzman

Approx. time period East terminus West terminus
1926-1980 Baltimore, MD Gettysburg, PA

US 140 was among the original 1926 routes, and it existed until 1980. The west end was in Gettysburg PA; the photo below shows the spot:

Nitzman, June 2005

That's looking north on Baltimore Street. Today's Business US 15 was once mainline 15, and US 140 ended here at its junction with US 15. The photo below is looking northeast on Emmitsburg Road/Steinwehr Avenue:

Nitzman, June 2005

Business US 15 angles to the north (left) on Baltimore; US 30 is about a half-mile that direction. A sharp right on Baltimore becomes Baltimore Pike, which is signed PA hwy. 97 on the other side of the US 15 bypass. But that used to be the west beginning of US 140. Below is a photo from the opposite perspective (southbound on Baltimore):

Nitzman, June 2005

Southbound US 15 angled to the right on Steinwehr, and US 140 began straight ahead. On the other side of the intersection is the assembly shown below:

Nitzman, June 2005

The east end of US 140 was in Baltimore. It came into the city via Reisterstown Road. My 1947 atlas shows it continuing down Pennsylvania Avenue and ending at US 1 (North Avenue). Below we're looking west on North Av at Penn:

Nitzman, Oct. 2004

Above, we're on southbound US 1; US 140 used to begin to the right. So it just missed connecting with its parent (US 40) by a couple miles.

By the time of my 1959 atlas, Fulton Avenue and Monroe Street had become a one-way pair, and the US 140 designation followed those roads to their junction with North Av:

Nasiatka, Aug. 2002

That's looking north on Fulton at North Av. The US 1 designation turns right at the intersection, and until 1980 the east beginning of US 140 was straight ahead. Southbound US 1 uses Monroe (which is one block to the left); the photo below is looking south on Monroe at North Av:

Nasiatka, Aug. 2003

That's looking at the historic east end of US 140. Northbound US 1 was to the left on North Av, and southbound was straight ahead. One more: here's a view from westbound North Av:

Nitzman, Oct. 2004

The east beginning of US 140 was to the right, one block behind the camera. Traffic coming in from the right was once at the east end of US 140. The signage at right is shown close-up below:

Nitzman, Oct. 2004