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End of US highway 46

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Photo credits: Carter Buchanan; Andy Field; Christopher Mason; J.P. Nasiatka; Alex Nitzman

Approx. time period East terminus West terminus
1936-1954 Fort Lee, NJ Portland, PA
1954-present Fort Lee, NJ Columbia, NJ

From what I can tell, US 46 has never officially entered New York. The designation begins without any fanfare at the New Jersey state line as you cross the George Washington Bridge from New York:

Nasiatka, Sep. 2003

There we're on southbound I-95/US 1/US 9... and as soon as we cross the line, we're also on westbound US 46. The photo below was taken heading the opposite direction (northbound I-95), and it shows signage for the exit to US 46:

Nitzman, 2000

A bit misleading that it said "South" for US 46, instead of "West". That has since been replaced - now US 46 is mentioned only on an approach sign located a mile or two before the exit:

Buchanan/Nitzman, Jun. 2005

A ways ahead, the old sign bridge shown above now carries the following information:

Buchanan/Nitzman, Jun. 2005

The sign in the distance is shown close-up below:

Buchanan/Nitzman, Jun. 2005

US 46 continues ahead with this road, but you'd never know it. Its east end is in the middle of the GW Bridge, directly over the Hudson River, at the line that marks the New York-New Jersey state boundary. So technically, the east terminus of US 46 depends on which deck of the GWB you use. Below is the east end as seen from the upper deck...

Mason, May 2002

...and here's the east end as viewed from the lower deck:

Field/Nitzman, Aug. 2005

In both cases, US 1 and US 9 continue ahead with I-95.

The history of the west end of US 46 is more complicated, so I've got it on a separate page here.