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End of US highway 331[I]

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Additional research and/or photo credits: Justin Cozart; Adam Froehlig; Martin Karner; Alex Nitzman

Approx. time period North terminus South terminus
1926-1936 Flomaton, AL Pensacola, FL

Modern US 331 wasn't commissioned until 1953; you can read about its endpoints here.

In the beginning (1926), there was a different US 331. It lasted for only about 10 years, because it was replaced by an extension of US 29 around 1936. The north end was at US 31 in Flomaton AL, and the south end was at US 98 in Pensacola. You can see its entire route on this 1935 map scan:

The photo below shows the signage on northbound US 29/AL 113 at the intersection with US 31 in Flomaton:

Nitzman, Aug. 2002 (unchanged as of 2013)

Before US 29 was extended down through here, that used to be the north end of US 331. Below we're northbound on US 31:

Nitzman, Aug. 2002

The north beginning of US 331 was to the right, on what is now US 29/AL 113. The shot below is looking south on US 31/US 29/AL 113:

Karner, May 2013

Today US 29 and AL 113 go left here. But that used to be the north beginning of US 331.

I'm assuming the south end of US 331 in Pensacola was the same place where US 29 ends today; you can view photos from there on this page.