End of US highway 227

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Photo credits: H.B. Elkins; me
Additional research: H.B. Elkins

Approx. time period North terminus South terminus
1928-1930 Paris, KY Richmond, KY
1930-1960s Carrollton, KY Richmond, KY
1960s-1972 Carrollton, KY White Hall, KY

US 227 was commissioned in 1928; at the time its north end was at US 27/US 68 in Paris KY. The photo below is looking northeast on Main Street at 10th Street:

me, July 2007

Today Main is eastbound Business 68. Mainline 68 and 27 both follow a bypass around the northwest side of town now, but originally this was mainline 27/68 (and Main carried both directions). So to the right on 10th was the north beginning of US 227. The photo below is looking northwest on 10th:

me, July 2007

US 227 ended just ahead at Main, but KY 627 ends two blocks ahead, at what is now Main's southwestbound counterpart (High Street). This endpoint didn't last long: two years later the north end of US 227 was extended to Carrollton KY. H.B. writes:

"From Paris, US 227 ran concurrently with what is now US 460 to the village of Great Crossing (west of Georgetown in Scott County), then northwest to Carrollton, where it ended at US 42."

Elkins, Oct. 2007

That's the current end of KY 227 in Carrollton, and the historic endpoint of US 227. Below we're looking east at the same junction:

Elkins, Oct. 2007

To the right is the former north beginning of US 227.

"Today, the segment of historic US 227 between US 42 and US 460 carries the KY 227 designation. The portion from White Hall to Paris carries the KY 627 designation."

However, for most of its life, the south end of US 227 was in Richmond KY. H.B. writes:

"The original routing of US 227 had the highway coming into downtown Richmond on 2nd Street and ending at US 25 and KY 52 (which now carries US 421 as well)."

Elkins, Jan. 1998

(From what I observed in 2007, that sign has been removed from downtown Richmond, along with any others that may have been posted in reference to US 227 and/or KY 388.)

"Note that the US 227 route ran southwest from Winchester to Boonesboro, and then continued to Richmond. The route from Boonesboro to US 25/421 at White Hall carried the KY 388 designation."

from official state hwy. map, c. 1950

"Some time in the early 1960s, concurrent to the building of I-75, a new route was constructed between White Hall and Winchester. When that route was built, the designations were reversed. The new route between White Hall and Boonesboro became US 227; the old road between Richmond and Boonesboro became KY 388. The photo referenced earlier now shows the end of KY 388; the road signs in that photo actually date back to the existence of US 227."

from official state hwy. map, c. 1968

"The photo below shows the end of the "new" US 227 (which is now the end of KY 627). It's at White Hall, just west of I-75's interchange 95."

Elkins, Jan. 2002

The shot below is looking north on US 25/421. US 227 began to the right...

me, July 2007

...but ever since it was decommissioned in 1972, to the right has been the south beginning of KY 627.