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End of US highway 22

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Additional research and/or photo credits: Shawn De Cesari; David Greenberger; Christopher Mason; Dan Moraseski; Jeremy Moses; Alex Nitzman

Approx. time period East terminus West terminus
1926-1932 Elizabeth, NJ (Westfield) Cambridge, OH
1932-1936 Elizabeth, NJ (Elmora) Cincinnati, OH
1936-present Newark, NJ Cincinnati, OH

This page shows current endpoints of US 22. If you're interested in US 22's historic endpoints, please click here.

In 1932, US 22 was extended west with US 40 to Zanesville OH, and on from there to Cincinnati. The highway designation ended at a couple different places in town (you can view photos and get more info on this page) until the 1970s, when the routing was changed to its current configuration. The photo below is looking west on 9th Street between Race and Elm streets:

De Cesari/Moraseski, Nov. 2001 (still there as of Oct. 2013)

Dan writes:

"The map shows the official end to be two blocks past Elm, at Central Avenue. I believe this is still correct, and the END sign is just posted prematurely because all you have left to do is choose between routes. Elm (the intersection past the END sign) is US 42 north (one way northbound). Plum Street (the next one) is US 27/US 42/US 127 south and US 52 east (one way southbound). Central Ave (the next one and the official end) is US 27/US 127 north and US 52 west (one way northbound)."

"The eastbound beginning of US 22 is at the intersection of Central Av and 5th Street according to the map, and this appears to be correct based on signage. US 22 east (and OH hwy. 3 north) goes north two blocks on Central Ave and then turns east on 7th St."

De Cesari/Moraseski, Nov. 2001 (still there as of 2011, although badly faded)

Above: "Coming off the US 50 freeway eastbound. I am on OH 264 east, which is also straight ahead (5th St); Central Av intersects. US 27/42/127 south and US 52 east is to the right; left is US 27/127 north, US 52 west, and the beginning of US 22/OH 3. The US 52 sign is from before the recent realignment of US 52 eastbound."

After taking that left on Central Av, the photo below is from: "Central Av northbound (US 27/127 north, US 52 west, US 22 east, and OH 3 north), just past 5th St (OH 264 east). This is the first reassurance marker on US 22 east/OH 3 north, which begins just behind. 6th St is up ahead, and carries OH 264 west to the left (which enters the US 50 freeway westbound)."

De Cesari/Moraseski, Nov. 2001

No, US 3 hasn't been extended to Cincinnati; that's supposed to be OH 3. That error has been fixed now...

Moses, Oct. 2013

...and that scene has changed quite a bit, after construction of the Duke Energy Center there. A couple blocks further ahead, US 22/OH 3 turns right on 7th Street (below).

De Cesari/Moraseski, Nov. 2001 (still there as of Oct. 2013)

In 1936, the original segment of US 22 between Elizabeth and Somerville (today's NJ hwy. 28) was decommissioned, and the US 22 designation was applied instead to the current corridor, which bypasses downtown Elizabeth. Since then, the east end has been in Newark NJ, at its junction with US 1/US 9:

Nitzman, 2000

There was no "End" sign for US 22, but the photo above shows the fork in the road where one must merge onto US 1-9: either the local or express route. The two photos below are closeups of the signs above:

Below we're looking south on US 1-9, approaching the exit for the east beginning of US 22:

Greenberger, Aug. 1998

The shot below shows the signage further ahead...

Greenberger, Mar. 2001

...and below is one more shot, where US 22 finally splits off on its own:


The contstruction going on there was for a now-completed viaduct for NJ 21. Below is a closeup of the signage:

The photo below shows the beginning of US 22 from the new NJ 21 viaduct:

Mason, June 2002

This last shot shows signage for the east beginning of US 22 as seen from southbound I-95 (New Jersey Turnpike):

Greenberger, Mar. 2001