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End of US highway 213

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Photo credits: Andy Field; Alex Nitzman

Approx. time period North terminus South terminus
1926-1948 Elkton, MD Ocean City, MD
1948-1973 Elkton, MD Wye Mills, MD

US 213 was an original 1926 route. At the time, there was no bridge over the Chesapeake between Annapolis and Wye Mills. So US 213 was there to serve the Maryland half of the Delmarva Peninsula - connecting Elkton, Wye Mills, Cambridge, Salisbury, and Ocean City. The photos below show the historic north end of US 213 in Elkton; this first one is looking north on Augustine Herman Highway, which is now MD 213, but used to be US 213:

Nitzman, 2000

Depending what year today's US 40 (known locally as Pulaski Highway) was built around the south side of Elkton, US 213 may have ended here. But for most of its existence, the US 213 designation would've continued ahead to the original US 40, which is now MD hwy. 7 through downtown Elkton. Ahead the road becomes Bridge Street; where that reaches Main Street is where US 213 originally ended:

Nitzman, Apr. 2004

The crossroad is Main (old US 40), so US 213 used to end there. Below is a perspective from eastbound historic US 40:

Nitzman, Apr. 2004

US 213 would've begun to the right. Below is a view facing that direction:

Nitzman, Apr. 2004

That shows the northernmost segment of old US 213. Modern US 40 is about a half-mile ahead.

The original south terminus of US 213 was in Ocean City MD - you can view photos from there on this page.

In 1948 the east end of US 50 was extended east from Annapolis. At Wye Mills it took over what had been US 213 to its current terminus in Ocean City. After this, US 213 was truncated, and its south end was in Wye Mills (just as the south end of MD hwy. 213 is there today). The photo below is looking south on MD 213 at the US 50 bypass:

Nitzman, Sep. 2004

Alex has a 1961 map that shows this bypass and clearly indicates that US 213 ended here. But, if the bypass was built after 1948, then there would've been a period during which US 213 continued a bit further ahead, ending at old US 50. The sign in the center of the photo below is for traffic at the south end of MD 213 (formerly the south end of US 213)...

Field/Nitzman, Aug. 2005

...while the sign at far right is for traffic on southbound MD 662 (or eastbound historic US 50, which continued ahead). Below we're looking north on MD 662, or west on old US 50:

Field/Nitzman, Aug. 2005

US 50 continued to the left, while to the right was the south beginning of US 213. The photo below shows the first reassurance marker heading that direction:

Field/Nitzman, Aug. 2005