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End of US highway 11

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Photo credits: Karin and Martin Karner; Robert Mortell; Alex Nitzman
Additional research: Adam Froehlig

Approx. time period North terminus South terminus
1926-1937 Rouses Point, NY (near Nicholson, MS)
1937-1941 Rouses Point, NY New Orleans, LA (downtown)
1941-present Rouses Point, NY New Orleans, LA (east)

The north end of US 11 has always been in Rouses Point NY. Exactly where in Rouses Point is open to debate; you can view photos and map on this page.

Adam informs me that the original south end of US 11 was a little ways south of Nicholson MS, just shy of the Louisiana state line. This was before US 90 had been rerouted to its present crossing of the Pearl River. West of Bay St. Louis, US 90 originally veered north, following what is now MS hwy. 607. Just before reaching Nicholson (near what is now I-59's interchange 1), US 90 took a left turn and crossed the Pearl River, went through the Louisiana town of the same name, and followed today's US 11 southwestward into New Orleans. But if - instead of making the left turn at that junction - you went straight ahead (towards Nicholson and Picayune), you would've been on the south beginning of US 11. The photo below is looking north on MS 607:

Google Maps Street View, 2008

That was westbound US 90, which continued to the left. Straight ahead was the original south beginning of US 11. The photo below is looking the opposite direction:

Google Maps Street View, 2008

This was the south end of US 11 - straight ahead was eastbound US 90, and westbound was to the right. Some older maps label this historic wye-junction "Santa Rosa" (more on that below).

In 1937, US 11 was extended southwest from Santa Rosa, co-signed with US 90 into downtown New Orleans. Its endpoint then was on Broad Avenue at Canal Street - you can view photos from there on this page.

It was 1941 when US 90 was rerouted to cross the Pearl River at Pearlington. Then US 11 was on its own along original US 90 south of Santa Rosa. But Adam reports it was that same year when US 11 was truncated to its current terminus: at US 90 in the eastern New Orleans city limits (in the Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge). This intersection is known to locals as "Powers Junction", which was the name of a no-longer-extant truck stop established by the Powers family in 1955. The photo below shows the sign assembly one sees heading east on US 90, as they approach the left-hand turn onto the south beginning of US 11:

Nitzman, Dec. 2007 (replaced by 2009)

If you take that turn, you'll immediately see the first northbound marker:

Nitzman, Dec. 2007

The shot below was taken from westbound US 90:

Nitzman, 1999

That sign may have been damaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005; at any rate, it was replaced in 2009:

Karner, Jun. 2013

The sign in the background is for drivers at the south end of US 11; a close-up is shown below:

Karners, Dec. 2009

That may also be a post-Katrina replacement; here's what it looked like about ten years earlier:

Mortell, 1996

Incidentally, US 11 continued to cross the Pearl River on the old US 90 alignment up until the mid-1960s (which is when it was rerouted to cross into Louisiana via what is now the I-59 bridge). The USGS map below (dated 1970) still shows US 11 on its historic alignment...

...even though US 11 was actually using I-59 by that time. Even after US 11 traffic was redirected, the old bridge continued to function for local traffic until it was finally dismantled in the mid-1970s.