End of US highway 104

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Photo credits: Chris Elbert; Doug Kerr; Alex Nitzman

Approx. time period East terminus West terminus
1934-1971 Maple View, NY Niagara Falls, NY

US 104 existed from 1934 to 1971. It never connected with its implied parent route (US 4), but personally I'm not opposed to the rationale for its number. Its east end was at its junction with US 11 in Maple View NY:


When US 104 was decommissioned, it became NY 104 - and that designation goes about 10 miles further east than US 104 did. This sign is for travelers eastbound on NY 104, at the junction where historic US 104 ended. The shot below is looking the opposite direction:

Kerr, May 2002

Straight ahead was the historic east beginning of US 104.

The west end of US 104 was in Niagara Falls NY. The photo below is looking south where Main Street splits into Rainbow Boulevard and meets Niagara Street:

Nitzman, 2000

Just to the right is a junction with Robert Moses Parkway - and then the Rainbow toll bridge across to Canada, just downstream from the famous waterfalls. Today the north beginning of US 62 is about a block behind the camera, but the 1965 USGS topo indicates that US 62 may have been co-signed with US 104 to a common endpoint here. Alex also noticed the interesting sign below, with an old US 104 shield:

Nitzman, 2000 (unchanged as of July 2006)

This was on northbound 2nd Avenue. A hard right puts you at the north beginning of US 62, while going a bit further and taking an easy right puts you at the east beginning of what used to be US 104. One more shot, this one looking west on Niagara Street:

Elbert, July 2006

Straight ahead is customs for the Rainbow Bridge crossing to Niagara Falls, Ontario. To the right on Main was the west beginning of US 104 (and possibly US 62 as well).