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End of US highway 8

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Photo credits: Patrick Allen; Barry Camp; Monte Castleman; Robert Mortell; Alex Nitzman; Greg Osbaldeston
Additional research: Christopher Bessert; Steve Riner

Approx. time period East terminus West terminus
1926-1927 Powers, MI Wyoming, MN
1927-1929 (near Iron Mountain, MI) Wyoming, MN
1929-1931 Norway, MI Wyoming, MN
1931-1981 Norway, MI Minneapolis, MN
1981-present Norway, MI Forest Lake, MN

The original west end of US 8 was at US 61 in Wyoming MN. From Chisago City, US 8 followed what would later become MN hwy. 98 to Wyoming, and what is now Chisago County route 22 (in town, this is apparently known as Rumohr Avenue or Wyoming Trail). The view in the photo below is looking west on CR 22:

Castleman, Oct. 2005

That was the original west end of US 8. As of this writing, US 61 still serves Wyoming, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it truncated to the St. Paul area soon. It runs along what's locally called Superior Street, Forest Boulevard, and/or Chisago CR 30.

From what I've gathered, US 8 was originally supposed to begin at US 41 in Powers MI. It was to be signed with US 2 west to Hermansville, then southwesterly through Faithorn, crossing the Menominee River near there into Wisconsin; it was to connect with its current route at or near Pembine WI. However, a direct road between Pembine and Hermansville has never been built. So when US 8 was first actually implemented, it appears to have been routed north from Pembine with US 141 to US 2 between Iron Mountain and Quinnesec MI. It's unclear whether it was co-signed east with US 2 to Powers - or actually, whether it was even signed at all before 1929. At any rate, it was only a few years before the east end of US 8 was shifted to its current terminus at Norway. The photo below was taken looking north on Brown Street, approaching 7th Avenue (US 2):

Camp, Sep. 2001 (unchanged as of June 2009)

Below, we're looking east on 7th at the east beginning of US 8...

Allen (both). First 2002; second June 2009

...and below we're looking west on 7th approaching Brown:

Allen (both). First 2002; second June 2009

If you take that left turn, you'll soon see the first westbound marker:

Mortell, 1996

A couple years later, the west end of US 8 was extended to Minneapolis. Over the years it had a couple different termini there: from 1931-1978 US 8 ended at the intersection of 3rd and Washington (you can view photos from there on this page). Then from 1978-1981 the terminus was truncated to the intersection of Broadway and New Brighton Boulevard. The photo below is looking east on Broadway:

Castleman, May 2004

To the left, New Brighton heads off at a northeasterly angle - the car turning that direction is at the former west beginning of US 8. It's unusual that the US 8 designation would've ended here, since Broadway wasn't designated as a highway. But there's an interchange with I-35W just to the left, and since New Brighton extends only another quarter-mile to this intersection, maybe the state figured they might as well just maintain the entire road...

...but that only lasted about three years, anyway: in 1981 the US 8 designation was truncated to its current location in Forest Lake. The photo below was taken where US 8 merges with I-35 at partial-interchange 132:

Osbaldeston, Sep. 2002

The flyover in the distance is also visible in the photo below, which was taken from northbound I-35 at the west beginning of US 8:

Castleman, summer 2002

If you exit there, you'll soon see the first eastbound marker:

Nitzman, Apr. 2007

The signage in the distance is in reference to US 8's first junction, which is with US 61. You can view Jeff Morrison's page for more photos and commentary regarding this terminus.