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End of US highway 4

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Photo credits: Chris Elbert; Chris Jordan; Doug Kerr
Additional research:

Approx. time period East terminus West terminus
1926-1930 Portsmouth, NH Glens Falls, NY
1930-present East Terminus West Terminus
Portsmouth, NH (near Fair Haven, VT)
North Terminus South Terminus
(near Fair Haven, VT) East Greenbush, NY

US 4 was an original 1926 route, but it only went as far west as Glens Falls NY then. I'm guessing US 4 went all the way to downtown Hudson Falls (as it does yet today), but instead of continuing south, it was probably directed west on River Street. That becomes Warren Street in Glens Falls, and where that intersects US 9 (Glen Street) is probably where US 4 ended:

Elbert, July 2006

The overhead signage in the distance is shown close-up below:

Elbert, July 2006

Today Warren is NY hwy. 32, which continues to the left with US 9. But when this was US 4, it ended here.

I would imagine all of US 4 was signed east-west at that time. But in 1930, the designation was truncated at Hudson Falls, and extended south to its current terminus at East Greenbush NY (not far outside Albany). Apparently after that, NY decided to sign the whole road north-south in their state (makes sense if you look at a map). Anyway, the photos below are from the westernmost terminus of US 4 (which is actually its south end):

Jordan, 2000

That's looking south on Troy Road, about a mile south of the interchange with I-90. The towns on the green sign (in case you can't make them out) are Schodack Center (1 mile left) and Rensselaer (3 miles right). Beyond that is an assembly giving directions for the US highways that are routed along Columbia Turnpike; below is a close-up:

Elbert, July 2006

The shot below shows the signage at the beginning of US 4, from eastbound Columbia Tpk:

Elbert, July 2006

The photo below shows the beginning of US 4 from the opposite direction:

Kerr, Jan. 2002

Since US 4 is a north/south road in NY, then I suppose its west "end" would be at the NY/VT state line:


Heading north out of NY, US 4 begins to be signed "East" as soon as you cross the VT line. That's also where US 4 begins following a newer freeway. VT hwy. 4A is the original route of US 4 between here and Rutland.

The east end of US 4 has always been in Portsmouth NH, but its terminus has been changed several times over the years. Photos relevant to the current endpoint can be obtained on this page, while info and photos about the historic endpoints are on this page.